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With over 40 years of
combined experience in
product and process development in the plastics, asphalt, and cable industries, and multiple US and foreign patents, Nitech is well positioned to assist your company with that new product development project.

   Nitech's extensive experience in developing new products extends to various
   areas including:

  • Pelletizing and coating sticky materials including asphalt
  • Coating plastic pellets for precision metering of powder additives like foaming agents into extruders
  • Gear pumps for extrusion of various plastics
  • High pressure shaft seals for viscous materials with pressures
    up to 6000 psi
  • Low density polyethylene foam profiles for toys, packaging, and insulation

Foam Trak for PEX
NiTech has developed and filed patents on a new energy saving insulated support system for PEX piping used for radiant heating and water distribution systems. By combining support and continuous insulation functions, Foam Trak will provide more energy efficient transport in the rapid growing PEX tubing markett.

On Site Asphalt Hot Mix for Military Airfield Repair
Nitech has received orders for its NiPak pelletized asphalt material and mixing system for producing very high quality airfield grade hot mix on demand at remote locations worldwide. This Airfield Damage Repair system is being used for rapid repair of military airfields around the globe.

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